Purveyors of:
Generators: power generators, co-Generators, Fuels are diesel, natural gas (LPG) or bio-diesel. Also wind turbines, hydro-generators.

Ground Support Equipment  (GSE) for Aviation, Aircraft for Sale: Executive aircraft, 707, 737, 747, Airbus. Push back and baggage tractors, ground power units, air air conditioner and heaters,deicers, rectifiers etc. Used heavy equipment, generators and , chemical tanks, mining equipment, scrap metal, used ships, surplus military equipment (non-offensive), disaster aid supplies, construction equipment, boilers, liquidation inventories, MASH hospitals, medical supplies, rice, food commodities, marine engines and much, much more !

You need it… We’ll find it! ALL EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE PENDING PRIOR SALES To obtain additional current offers,  or requests: Phone (415) 668 9113, Fax: Call for , and payment in USD$. email <chief88888@yahoo.com> or <bryan@sfmtltd.com>, Please put “Request” in the SUBJECT.
All sales “Subject to prior sale”