Tire Recycling

Tire Recycling Equipment

American Pulverizer TRS 50×35 Shredder
1990, excellent condition, 100-hp motor

American Pulverizer 72×46 Shredder
Very good condition, two 150-hp electric motors

Bagging System
Taylor bagging system with weighing bagger, screw auger w/hopper

Barclay 6″ Primary Tire Shredder Complete System
1996, 16-20 tons per hour throughput

Bepex Shredding System
60-hp system includes shredder, vibratory tables & conveyor

BloApCo Model 3CAX-1058L Shear/ Shredder w/Fan
Rotating knives provide “shear cut”

Columbus McKinnon Tire Shredder
1992, 200-hp electric motor, Cat genset

Columbus McKinnon Portable Tire Shredder
1990, Detroit Diesel power plant, 2″ classifier

Compact C-3000 Four-Screen Granulator
Can process 12 truck tires per hour, and 70 passenger tires per hour

CRUMB – Complete Dalian Crackermill Systems (2)
Two complete lines, one line is new — never been used!

CRUMB – Impact 500 Supercollider Crumb Rubber Cryogenic
System Reduces size or crumb rubber/buffings to as small as 200 mesh

CRUMB – Complete Cryogenic Crumb Rubber System
Still in operation, will process 2-3 tons per hour

CRUMB – RCI 2000 Crumb Rubber Machine
Like new — only 10 hours! Excellent crumb rubber system

Eidal 62×42 Stationary Shredder
Very good condition, two 150-hp electric motors

Eidal Model 400 Solid Waste Shredder
72″ wide feed opening, two 200-hp motors

Garbalizer Model S51-358 Stationary Tire Shredder
400-hp electric motor, very good condition

Mac Saturn 44x28HT Mobile Truck Front Portable Shredder
1996, includes shredder, hopper. Totally self-contained

Mac Saturn 5232HT Shredder System
1993, two 75-hp electric motors, very good condition

Mac Saturn 6240HT Portable Tire Shredder with Classifier
400-hp Cummins diesel engine, only 1 hour since engine rebuild!

Mac Saturn 6240HT Portable Tire Shredder
300-hp electric motor, hydraulic drive system, classifier

Mac Saturn 7246 Stationary Shredder
525 KYB hydraulic sys. powered by two 125-hp electric motors

Mac Saturn 7246 Portable Tire Shredder w/Classifier
KYB hydraulic system with Direct Drive

Mac Saturn 9650HT Stationary Shredder
Includes four 100-hp motors, good condition

Malin 500×2500 Shredder
350-hp Cat diesel engine, only 2554 hours

Mitts & Merrill MS-4220 Industrial Shredder
Good condition, ready to go! 50-hp electric motor

National Primary Tire Chopper
50-hp electric motor, chops up to 400 tires per hour

Peltz Roto-Chopper
100-hp electric motor, two sizes screens, 5½”x17″ feed opening

Priefert Model TSM-78 Tire Shredder
78-hp Perkins diesel engine (just completely rebuilt)

Primary/Secondary Tire Shredder
50-hp electric motor, return/discharge conveyors

RCI 2000 Crumb Rubber Machine
Like new — only 10 hours! Excellent crumb rubber system

Saturn 6240HT Portable Tire Shredder
Cummins 350kw genset – KYB hydraulic system, new knives

Shred Pax AZ-45 Shredder
Two 20-hp electric motors, very good condition

Shred Pax AZ-80 Shredder
1992, good condition, stationary shredder

Shred Pax AZ-80 Shredder
Two 40-hp electric motors, stand, hopper, controls

Shred Pax AZ-80 Portable Tire Shredder
Two 40-hp electric motors, Cat genset, classifier

Shred Pax Model AZ-80 Portable Shredder
Two 40-hp electric motors, Cat genset, custom-built!

Shred-Tech AZ-200 Shredder
Two 100-hp electric motors, stand/hopper/controls

Shred-Tech AZ-200 Shredder
Two 100-hp electric motors, excellent condition

Shred-Tech AZ-200 Shredding System
Two 100-hp electric motors, classifier, conveyors

SSI Model 2400H Tire Shredder System with Classifiers
1993, excellent condition, 200-hp electric motor

SSI Series 45 Model 3600 Hydraulic Shredder
1991, two 150-hp motors, hydraulic drive

SSI 2400HT Hydraulic Shredder
200-hp motor, two hook cutter, 1.3″ knives

SSI 3600E Series 45 Shredder
1991, 200-hp motor, Hydro Ram hopper

SSI 3600H Shredder System
Skid mounted, located in Europe

SSI 3400 Stationary Shredder
Two 100-hp Lincoln motors, hydraulic drive

SSI Model 85-H Portable Tire Shredder with Trommel
1995, 325-hp Cummins diesel engine, 1″ sliding screen

Untha RS50TR-750-44 Portable Tire Shredder
1998, diesel engine, generator, infeed/discharge conveyors

Untha Model RS-50 Tire Grinder/Shredder
Two 30-hp electric motors, rebuilt knives

Williams Model 2064 Nife-Hog
Very good condition, 125-hp electric motor

Williams Model 3080 Nife-Hog
1995, good condition, 300-hp electric motor

Screens & Classifiers
Amadas Portable T72X20P Trommel Screen
Portable system powered by generator

Heil BC 85-40 Trommel Screen
2″ classifier

Powerscreen 615 Trommel Screen
1997, good condition, Deutz diesel engine

Powerscreen 830 Trommel Screen
1998, excellent condition, 145-hp diesel engine

Powerscreen 616 Trommel Screen
1996, excellent condition, rebuilt 98-hp Deutz engine

Trommel Screen (Classifier)
5′ long x 8′ diameter x 2″, electric drive motor

Trommel Screen
12′ x 5′, 3″ screen

Miscellaneous Tire Recycling Equipment
Branick Model HD-BTC Tire Splitter
Excellent condition, 18-hp gas engine

Eagle De-Rimmer
Portable car tire de-rimmer, up to light truck

Eagle DERIMMER Passenger Tire De-Rimmer
1998, Kohler diesel engine

Itec Bead Cutter
Model 501P, good condition

National Tire Cutter
Completely self-contained, 8-hp motor, hydraulic ram driven $35,000

Rim Crusher (Custom Made) – Portable
Very good condition, 10-hp electric motor

TC-50 Tire Cutter
3-hp electric motor, cuts tires into four pieces – 60 per hour

TC-300 Wheel Crusher
18-hp Briggs & Stratton gas engine, good condition

Tire Baler<br> Custom built, averages 20 tires per bale

Voigts Model 70 Bead Stripper
20-hp electric motor, will pull both beads at same time